Hauling for Longhorn Sales

By submitting this form you're agreeing that Hired Hand Software and Hired Hand Live can promote you as a qualified, reliable and insured hauler of Texas Longhorn cattle. You agree to allow us to share your name and phone number with all internet bidders and buyers as well as promote it on www.HiredHandLive.com. While we make an effort to connect internet buyers and haulers it is YOUR duty to coordinate all details and payments with the said buyers. It is also YOUR duty to complete the check-out at the sale/auctioneer desk for the internet purchases you'll be hauling. 

Please note that if you continuously let internet buyers down or receive numerous complaints, we will no longer promote you as a hauler.

We highly recommend that you subscribe to our FREE text messaging service and once you see that an internet buyer has purchased an animal you reach out to them directly to earn their hauling business or you text Molly (319-269-8903) or Jaymie (319-239-2662) to help coordinate hauling. To receive our texts please send the phrase "website.longhorn" to the number 779-48.