Frequently Asked Questions

-Is there a Buyer’s Premium?

No, there is no Buyer’s Premium. The final bid is the cost of the animal. Shipping is an extra charge as decided on between you and your hauler.

-Is hauling available?

Yes, hauling is available. Please see the sale catalog for hauling options. Arranging hauling is not the responsibility of Hired Hand Live. Should you purchase an animal off the internet it is your responsibility to ensure it is out of the sale barn by the time listed in the sale catalog. Please call the sale staff (not Hired Hand Live) to make other arrangements

-Is there sales tax?

No, there is not sales tax on item purchased online. Other taxes may be added by the sale and will be listed in the terms and conditions section of the catalog.

-Why do I need to enter a credit card?

The credit card is needed to verify you as a qualified bidder. Your card will not be charged for the animals you buy online but may be used by the sale should you try to back out on your on-line purchases.

-When will I be assigned a bidder number?

You’ll be assigned a bidder number as soon as you’re approved as an internet bidder for the sale.

-How do max bids, also known as absentee bids, work?

Once a max bids is placed, the system will automatically bid for you. Once you’ve been outbid, either by another absentee bidder or a live bid, the system will automatically bid up to your max bid amount in small increments. Ex. If you enter $5,000 as your max bid but the last time you were outbid was at $2,900, you’ll win the animal at $3,000. So, your max bid isn’t necessarily your winning bid. We recommend putting your max bid amount in at an odd number such as $5,100 or $5,150. This way, if 10 bidders all have max bids of $5,000 you have a great chance of winning the animal.

-How do I remove a bid?

Just like at a real auction, there is no way to remove or take back your bid once you’ve bid. We know that buyers remorse happens but blaming the internet is not the way to go. Your bid is legally binding and there is no way out, so please be sure you want the animal before you hit that button. There is no accidental bidding with our system - we know it takes more than one click to bid - so please don't call us with a story about how you didn't mean to do it - we've heard it all before.

-Can I watch the sale online without registering to bid?

Yes, you can watch the sale without registering to bid. Simply click the Live Now button once the auction has started.

-The sale starts in an hour and I cannot see the video on my screen, what is going on?

We do not start our live video feed until 5-10 minutes before the sale starts. Please check back then.

-My computer says that Adobe Flash must be updated before I can view the video feed?

Yes, your computer must be up to date with all of it's necessary programs and plug-ins in order to watch the sale on-line or bid.

-What browser do you recommend for watching your auctions?

We recommend Chrome or Safari.

-Can I watch your auctions on a cell phone or tablet?

Yes, you can watch HiredHandLive auctions on any device with internet. See the above FAQ about your device having all of it's updates completed/being up to date on the latest software.

-I don't have great internet where I live, can I still bid and watch the sale?

One of the great things about Hired Hand Live is that even if the video has a slight delay due to your connection the ticker showing the bid price should still be correct. Meaning, if you're wanting to bid you can still do so using the button. You can also type in your bid price to get ahead of the auctioneer if you're worried about missing out on a bid or an animal.

-What if I want to watch the sale but call in my bid?

Hired Hand Live is an INTERNET bidding service. The purpose of our service is to allow you to bid through the internet. If you want to phone bid, please look for phone bidding numbers in the catalog. If you have questions regarding something internet related during the sale, feel free to use our in-system chat feature. It's great for asking us to have the auctioneer repeat breeding or other important information, spin the animal around, etc. Remember, everyone can see your comments so please keep them clean and kind. We're there working hard so that you can be enjoying whatever you're doing that kept you from attending the sale. Please be respectful of our staff and their stressful jobs of bringing the sale to you via the internet.

-I'd like to have your service at my next sale, who can I call?

Great! Please call Molly 319-269-8903 or Jaymie 319-239-2662 for more information on adding to your next livestock sale or auction.