Consent and Terms & Conditions

Consent-Waiver Form

This Consent-Waiver form is an integral part of your consignment form and must be signed in order to complete your consignment. Neither Hired Hand Software, LLC, Hired Hand Live, anyone associated with Hired Hand Software, nor their representatives (collectively, “Hired Hand”) assume any liability or responsibility for any guarantee made by Consignor/Seller. All guarantees pertaining to consignment animals are strictly between Consignor/Seller and Buyer. Hired Hand is not responsible for the health or safety of any animal consigned to the monthly sales. This includes loss of life, loss by theft and or other perils. All Consignors/Sellers must comply with all the rules and regulations of the monthly sales and fully understand this Consent-Waiver form and agree to the terms. With your signature below, you hereby agree to the conditions of the monthly sale and agree that all guarantees are between Consignor/Seller and Buyer. You further agree to indemnify and hold harmless Hired Hand from any and all claims, demands, causes, actions or liabilities of any nature whatsoever which may arise from or are in any way related to the monthly sale. If a Buyer of a consigned animal is unable to accept delivery because of interstate health requirements, Hired Hand shall not be responsible for any refund or adjustment.

Terms & Conditions

- TERMS & CONDITIONS: All cattle sell under the terms and conditions listed here.
- BIDDING: Each Animal will be sold to the highest bidder or to the Buy It Now purchaser
- BIDDING DISPUTES: Hired Hand Live will settle any disputes as to bids, and their decisions on such matters will be final.
- TERMS: The Terms of this sale are between the seller(s) and buyer(s)
- POSSESSION: Immediately after the animal is sold, it will be the sole risk and responsibility of the buyer thereof, but possession cannot be obtained until payment is made. Details of possession are determined directly between the buyer and seller.
- CERTIFICATION: If the animal sold was sold as a registered animal, a certificate of registration will be furnished and transferred to the purchaser of each lot in the sale, including calves at side.
- HEALTH: Bidders should consider individual state requirements before purchasing.
- GUARANTEE: Breeder guarantees are strictly between the individual consigner and purchaser at the sale.
- NOTICE: The purchaser(s) must look to the seller(s) for fulfillment of all guarantees and representations made hereunder.
- PEDIGREES: The seller(s) has furnished the information on the pedigrees of the animals.
- LIABILITY: All persons who participate in the online sale(s) do so at their own risk. Hired Hand Software, LLC and anyone connected with the sale assume no liability, legal or otherwise, for any accidents or anything else that may occur.
- CONTRACT: The above terms and guarantees shall constitute a contract between buyer(s) and seller(s) of each animal sold. All payments are handled between the Seller(s) and Buyers(s). Hauling is handled between the Seller(s) and Buyers(s) and Hauler(s).
- PAYMENT: The payment is between the seller(s) and buyer(s). Hired Hand is not responsible for collecting payment. 
- BUYER RESPONSIBILITY: Prospective buyers or bidders during the sale should read carefully all content about each animals that is sold. Buyers should acquaint themselves with terms concerning breeder status, fertility, and health papers on each animal sold. It is the responsibility of the buyer to be aware of health regulations for transportation of animals into the state of their residence. By carefully reading all content the buyer(s) can save themselves possible misunderstandings.
- Clicking to bid is a binding contract. Using the Buy it Now feature is a binding contract. Successful winning bids and Buy It Now purchases constitute as final sales. No refunds available. Hauling is organized and funded at the buyer's expense.