TLBAA Eddie Wood Cowtown Classic Sale

January 13-14, 2017 | Fort Worth, TX

Sale Host: Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America

Hired Hands' Molly Clubb and Jaymie Feldmann with Sale Co-Chairman Keith Du Bose. Special thanks also to Russell E Fairchild, the other Sale Chairman.

The data below was gathered by Hired Hand Live. We share these trends and averages for our customers and breeders in the Longhorn Industry who could better their programs by analyzing it as it best suites them. We welcome your feedback or additional data requests. This data is not officially endorsed by the sale.

4 Cash Cows sold (over $10,000). 1 over 80" TTT. All sold bred, 1 was AI Confirmed. Cash Cow Average: $19,250. Total Cash Cow sales: $77,000
High seller was Lot #63 at $38,000. Only 1 other cow matched her criteria (bred, 80+" TTT, DOB w/in 1 year): Lot #34 at $6,800. 
- AI bred females: $7,907.14
- Natural Service females: $3,348.28
- ET females: $4,050
- 3-in-1 packages: $3,280
- Heifer Calf at Side, Not Bred Back: $3,025
- 70-79" TTT (DOB's '12): $7,450
- 80-89" TTT (DOB's 08-09): $22,250
- Over 10 years old: $2,330
- 6-9 years old: $4,497.83
- 3-5 years old: $3,598.84
- Live at Auction: $3,916.15
- Hired Hand Live Internet: $3,060
* Please note that this data is based off what was printed in the sale catalog and announced in the ring. It is not official data endorsed by the sale.