Marquess Arrow Ranch Production Sale

August 19, 2017 | Ben Wheeler, TX

Sale Hosts: Barbara & Ron Marquess, Marquess Arrow Ranch

Sale hosts Barbara Marquess & Ron Marquess, Marquess Arrow Ranch.

The data below was gathered by Hired Hand Live. We share these trends and averages for our customers and breeders in the Longhorn Industry who could better their programs by analyzing it as it best suites them. We welcome your feedback or additional data requests. This data is not officially endorsed by the sale.

General Stats:

  • 54/69 lots sold for a total of $148,950
  • Sold Average: $2758.33
  • Shown Average: $2190.44
  • Top 5 lots average: $8810
  • Top 10 lots average: $6210

Stats by Age:

  • 0-2 YO: $2645
  • 3-5 YO: $2436
  • Top 10 youngest by age average: $2080
  • Top 10 oldest by age average: $2160

Because this was a Production sale all genetics went back to the same few families and 3 service sires. Due to this, we did not calculate our normal bull lists.

* Please note that this data is based off what was printed in the sale catalog and announced in the ring. It is not official data endorsed by the sale.